New ELIO S3: A concentrate of technology

ELIO S3, control center based on the new ESP32-S3. In a diameter of 55mm ELIO S3 contains a unique degree of interactivity. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the functions of ELIO S3 by combining the easy-to-apply external SHIELDs

With 950mAh lipo battery, wireless charging, and solar panel connector, ELIO S3 is ready for immediate use as a standalone IOT device

8 sensors add to your sixth sense: air quality, temperature and humidity, light and proximity, accelerometer and gyroscope, IR receiver (for remote control)

Buzzer, vibration, SD-card slot, IR LED and 6 color LEDs allow you to program multiple actions in response to events

In a diameter of only 55mm ELIO S3 encloses the new ESP32-S3 with artificial intelligence functions, 2MP micro-camera and a unique degree of interactivity. Is equipped with the Xtensa Dual Core 32-bit 240 Mhz processor, 16MB FLASH memory, 8MB PSRAM, WIFI and Bluetooth 5

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Elio S3

The most complete IOT board on the market. In a diameter of 55mm encloses the new ESP32-S3 with artificial intelligence functions, 2MP micro-camera, 950 mAh battery and a unique degree of interactivity thanks to 8 sensors and 5 actuators

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Il GENIUS KIT contains all the boards of the ELIO system and a set of dedicated containers. The combination of ELIO boards and containers gives rise to programmable IOT devices for specific tasks but with potentially unlimited functionality.

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Enjoy combining functions

ELIO is a special set of electronic boards dedicated to programming teaching and rapid prototyping of electronic projects through visual programming. The boards can be assembled in a wide range of combinations based on the application area

Nerd side not required. Only your creativity

ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program cards simply by dragging and combining a large set of logical commands

The users and students will be able to design, modify and share applications and integrate functions developed by other users


Extending the functionality of ELIO S3 it’s child’s game with the ELIO SHIELDS. These external boards can be connected to ELIO S3 one on top of the other without soldering.


The combination of the ELIO boards gives life to IOT devices ready for specific activities but with potentially unlimited features. Discover the ELIO kits as the GENIUS KIT that offers all the available boards and containers of the ELIO ecosystem


The combination of ELIO boards gives rise to programmable IOT devices and, in particular, the ELIO EDU KIT kit is designed for a school laboratory and includes 30 ELIO S3 boards