Technology laboratory

ELIO is a set of combinable mini-development boards dedicated to the teaching of programming and STEM disciplines

The acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a term used to indicate the scientific-technological disciplines

ELIO S3 is the brain of the system, based on the new ESP32-S3 chip and compatible with ARDUINO IDE. The 9 sensors and 5 actuators offer countless possibilities of automation and ample space to the imagination of students

Elio S3 board
Elio features
Elio features

Visual programming

Elio Visual Creator

ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program cards simply by dragging and combining a large set of logical commands

The student will be able to design, modify and share applications and integrate functions developed by other users

ELIO S3 is also programmable in C++ via ARDUINO IDE and USB-C port

GENIUS KIT for schools

Elio S3 + Elio MEDIA
Elio S3 + Elio MOTO

The combination of ELIO boards creates programmable IOT devices for specific tasks but with potentially unlimited functionality

ELIO EDU KIT, designed for school laboratories, includes 30 sets with ELIO S3 board accompanied by expansion modules ELIO MEDIA, ELIO MOTO and ELIO I/O that extend the functionality according to the application.

  • ELIO MEDIA with 1.54″ e-ink display and 1W speaker, 2 microphones, 4 touch pads, 12 RGB LEDs, and 4 expansion ports
  • ELIO MOTO with proximity sensor 0-6 meters, 8 PWM outputs, pair of micro-motors and wheels
  • ELIO I/O with 28 pins for 2.54 jumpers and 16 connectors for 3-pole servomotors for robotics functions



ELIO EDU KIT n.30 pieces (EUR 5000+IVA)

The ELIO EDU KIT includes:

ELIO KIT + distance learning course for teachers (2 hours)