Elio features
Elio features

ELIO S3 is based on ESP32-S3 microcontroller with Xtensa Dual Core 32-bit 240 Mhz processor, 16MB FLASH memory, 8MB PSRAM, WIFI and Bluetooth 5

More power to your projects

ELIO S3 non ha rivali nella gestione dell’energia. Sul retro della scheda troviamo: batteria LiPo da 950 mAh, modulo ricevitore di ricarica wireless più connettore per pannello solare.

Wireless Charging

ELIO S3 is the only development board on the market that integrates wireless charging compatible with the WPC QI standard and the connector for the receiving coil of charging (included)

950mAh LiPo battery

Thanks to the supplied 950mAh battery Elio S3 is a ready-to-use IOT device

Solar Charging

ELIO S3 is the only development board on the market that allows solar charging through a 6-9V solar panel (not included) connected to the SUN port (JST ZH 1,5mm 2-pin)

ELIO S3 is also programmable in C++ via ARDUINO IDE and USB-C port

ELIO IOT includes

Elio S3 board
  • ELIO S3 with
  • ESP32-S3 16MB Flash, 8MB PSRAM
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 5
  • 8 sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, light, proximity, temperature, humidity, air quality, IR receiver
  • 5 actuators: 6 RGB LED, IR LED transmitter, vibration motor, buzzer, micro-SD slot
  • + 2MP camera
  • + 950 mAh battery
  • + Wireless charging receiver (charger not included)
  • + USB-C cable
  • + dedicated case

99€ 69€
Shipped on June 2023

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External boards

ELIO S3 is compatible with the following external boards ELIO SHIELDS

Interactivity E-Ink 1,54″ display and 1W speaker, 2 microphones, 4 touch pads, 12 LEDs RGB Adds motion functions with 4 motor drivers and a pair of micro-motors with wheels 28 pins for 2.54″ jumpers and 16 3-pin connectors for digital I/O (e.g. for servomotors)
Size Ø 55mm Ø 55mm Ø 55mm
  49€ 49€ 25€

ELIO S3 is included in the following kits

  Smart home Gaming Educational, Prototyping
Elio S3
Elio MEDIA  
Elio MOTO  
Elio I/O    
LAMP container    
  99€ 99€ 199€