It is a magic lamp, and you the genius

The GENIUS KIT contains all the boards of the ELIO system and a set of dedicated containers. The combination of ELIO boards and containers gives rise to programmable IOT devices for specific tasks but with potentially unlimited functionality.

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Shipped on February 1, 2023

The boards of the GENIUS KIT

ELIO S3 is the brain, MEDIA the audio, video and tactile interface, MOTO adds movement and the I/O board opens up to every possible extension. Unleash your creativity!

Elio S3 board

Elio S3

It is the control center based on ESP32-S3, 16MB Flash, 8MB PSRAM, 9 sensors and 5 actuators, 2MP camera, 950mAh battery, wireless charging receiver


The MEDIA board adds user interaction functions and features 1.54″ e-ink display, 3W I2S digital amplifier, speaker, 2 digital microphones, 4 touch pads and 12 RGB LEDs


The MOTO board adds movement to your applications with 4 motor drivers, a pair of micro-motors and 65mm wheels

Elio I/O

Elio I/O

I/O board expands ELIO S3 with 28 pins for 2.54″ jumpers and 16 connectors for 3-pole servo motors for robotics functions

Visual editor

ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program or acquire new functions simply by dragging a rich set of commands

You’ll combine some good


With the S3 board and the LAMP container of our GENIUS KIT you can easily program monitoring and remote control functions. The 12 sides of the dodecahedral design allow you to set special lighting, music or automation tasks based on the position of the lamp on the desk. A brilliant assistant ready to fulfill your every wish!

Elio Smart Lamp

GENIUS KIT contains

  • Elio S3
  • Elio MEDIA
  • Elio MOTO
  • Elio I/O
  • 2MP Camera
  • 950 mAh battery
  • Wireless charging receiver
  • USB-C cable

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